BCA – Block Chain Addition


The new technology revolutionizing wood coatings

Milesi BCA comes from the process allowing coating film formation, ensuring very quick drying times, a long pot life and an extreme ease of use, combined with excellent aesthetics

Green Isocyanate-free, formaldehyde-free, no formaldehyde emission, and aromatic-free

Mechanical resistance Scratch resistance according to UNI EN 15186 (Method B) ≥ 0,6 Newton; Surface hardness according to UNI EN 10782 ≥ HB

Chemical resistance Cold liquid resistance accordint to UNI EN 12720, B rated

Color change resistance Light fastness (gray scale) UNI EN 15187 according to UNI EN 15187 regulation: 4 to 5 rated (high resistance)

Pot-life Three days at least

Drying time* 30 minutes approx.

Easy to use Similar to a mono-component product


* at room temperature, standard humidity conditions and with the ready-to-use product



The scratch resistance test measures the force needed to engrave a surface (Newton measurement unit). The greater the force required, the better the resistance of the surface.

The light fastness test measures the color variation of the surface exposed to artificial light. It uses a scale from 1 to 5, where 5 indicates maximum resistance.

The surface hardness test measures the resistance of the coated surface to scratch with a pencil. The higher the hardness of the pencil, the greater the resistance of the surface (the maximum hardness of a pencil is 9H and the lesser is 9B).

The resistance test to cold liquids measures the degree of resistance of the coated surface to stains caused by selected liquids. It uses a scale from A to D, where A indicates the maximum resistance.



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