Scratch Resistance

Finishes with an exceptional surface hardness, which are neither scratched nor scarred and whose resistance is comparable to plastic laminated boards.

Tested according to UNI E. 15186:2012 method B regulation (evaluation of the resistance of surfaces to scratching by penetration), they achieve the minimum reported value:

·      Waterborne for interiors 1K 0,35 N
·      Waterborne for interiors 2K 0,4 N
·      Waterborne UV 0,5 N
·      Solvent-based UV 0,6 N
·      UV 100% 0,5 N
·      Polyurethane 0,5 N
·      Acrylic 0,4 N
·      Polyester 0,5 N
·      Pre Cat 0,3 N
·      BCA 0,6 N


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