Our history

Milesi is a brand of the multinational IVM Group, one of the largest and most important in Europe and around the world, specializing in wood coatings and home furnishing coatings. Its history began in 1947.

1947 – 1970
Milesi products were born in 1947 in Milan, in the region known throughout the world as a district of excellence in the field of Wood – Furniture since the end of 1700.
Between 1945 and 1960, Italy led the great development of the furniture industry in Europe: small craftsmen transformed themselves into modern industries while maintaining the deep attention to quality and details that have contributed to their international success. They combine technical skills with those of design: working with famous architects and designers, they create furniture, accessories and objects that have marked the history of industrial design.
It is in this reality that Milesi has its roots. From the outset, Milesi has worked alongside the various businesses in the wood-furnishing sector to understand their needs and expectations and to support them as they grow. The company researches innovative products to protect and enhance wood, simplifying the coating process and making it faster and more efficient, and is proud to contribute to the spread of their reputation around the world.
The deep and ongoing interaction with these leading names, together with the relationships with the architects and designers who work with them, are fundamental to Milesi’s success.

In 1970, the IVM Group was founded by brothers-in-law Adriano Teso and Massimo Milesi, already owners of Milesi S.p.A., with the aim of developing activities in the chemical sector and rationalising shareholdings.
Since its foundation, the IVM Group has always maintained the same ownership. The stability of the management and collaborators that has resulted has given rise to an organisation made up of the leading experts in the sector of Coatings for Wood and Living.
Today it is led by Federica Teso, granddaughter of the founder Guglielmo Milesi.

1971 saw the start of IVM’s internationalisation phase, with the founding of Milesi France (1975), the first Group company dedicated to the distribution of Milesi products and services in countries other than Italy.  The companies were then set up:

Industrias Químicas IVM S.A. in Torrent (Valencia) Spain in 1994
IVM Chemicals GmbH in Herrenberg Germany in 1990
Milesi Vernici Hellas Srl in Athens  Greece in 2001
IVM Chemicals Sp.z o.o. a Warsaw Poland in 2007
In order to offer the world of furniture and home furnishings comprehensive solutions, Milesi has decided to add to its range of wood coatings – a sector in which it specializes – coatings for paper, PVC and plastics, metals, digital printing, glass and marble.


In 2001, IVM Group built the ultra-modern Parona plant, on an area of over 15 hectares in the province of Pavia, Italy. In terms of its size and architectural design, and the fact that it uses certified processes to guarantee quality and consistency, it is one of the most modern, innovative and important coating production sites in the world.


IVM Chemicals Inc. is established, with headquarters in Chicago, with the aim of offering users in the USA and Canada the products and services that have made Milesi the reference brand in the field of wood coatings and home furnishings.