Technologically advanced products designed for guaranteeing maximum sustainability:

– Renewable: Waterborne coatings featuring at least 70% of raw materials based on renewable sources, 90% of which bio-based, or solvent based coatings featuring at least 30% of raw materials based on renewable sources, 80% of which bio-based.

Low content of monomers and free photoinitiators

– IOS MAT compliant: Coatings compliant with the directives provided for by specifications IOS-MAT-0066 by IKEA.

– High Solid and very High Solid: Ready to use coatings whose dry residue exceeds 60% (high solid) or 90% (very high solid).

– EN 71/3 compliant: Coatings compliant with EN 71/3 standard on the content of heavy metals.

– VOC free: Solvent-based products without volatile organic compounds, that is with 100% dry residue.

– Ozone care: Coatings formulated with substances having a minimum impact on ozone.

– Aromatic free: Coatings without aromatic solvents.

– Formaldehyde free: Coatings without formaldehyde.

– Styrene free: Coatings without styrene.