Excimer UV Finishes

Innovative UV topcoats designed for excimer systems combine exceptional features in a single product. They offer outstanding chemical and physical resistance and an excellent look.


    • Scratch Resistance: scratch resistance tested according to UNI EN 15186 standard (Method B): 1.5 Newton (N)
    • Abrasion Resistance: abrasion resistance tested according to Martindale – Internal method, Delta gloss 0.2
    • Metal Marking and Polishing Resistance: they guarantee that the surface subject to friction remains beautiful and matt
    • Adhesion: measured with the cross-cut test according to ISO 2409 standard Class 0 (top adhesion)
    • Cold Liquid Resistance: resistance to cold liquids tested according to UNI EN 12720 standard Class B
    • Light Fastness: resistance to exposure to light tested according to UNI EN 15187 standard – 4/5 Gray scale


Excimer UV finishes, which are available in clear and pigmented versions and all colors desired,

  • are almost totally matt
  • are anti-fingerprints
  • give a Soft-Touch effect


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