Cold Liquid Resistance

Finishes that do not get stained when they enter in contact with liquids that are commonly used at home, like coffee, oil, wine, detergents or alcohol.

Tested according to UNI EN 12720: 2013 regulation (evaluation of surface resistance to cold liquids), they achieve the minimum reported value:

·      Waterborne for interiors 1K C
·      Waterborne for interiors 2K B
·      Waterborne for exteriors 1K B
·      Waterborne UV B
·      Solvent-based UV B
·      UV 100% B
·      Polyurethane B
·      Acrylic B
·      Polyester B
·      Pre Cat C
·      BCA B

Tested according to IOS-MAT-0066 regulation, they achieve the minimum reported value::

·      Waterborne for interiors 1K R4
·      Waterborne for interiors 2K R2
·      Waterborne UV R2
·      UV 100% R2
·      Polyurethane R2
·      Acrylic R2