Milesi at AWFS

Milesi confirms its position of technological leadership on the American market by offering solutions that can help its customers to differentiate themselves from their competitors, proposing an increasingly wide range of high-tech products able to offer unrivaled aesthetic appearances and performances, in an environmentally responsible manner.

This is the case of the VOC275 polyurethane product line, which combines the aesthetic performance and ease of use of polyurethane products, while complying  to the most stringent Federal Regulations in terms of environmental policies.

The main focus of the AWFS 2019 show will also be the BCA (Block Chain Addition) line, presented to the public during IWF 2018. Milesi is proud to propose, as the only company worldwide in the wood coatings market, this highly advanced cutting-edge technology that allows incredible performances in terms of chemical-physical resistance and aesthetic qualities, combining extreme drying speed with a pot-life that lasts for days. All this in a product line that is Aromatic-free, Isocyanate-free, Formaldehyde-free and HAPS-free.

Milesi is also participating  in the AWFS 2019 Finishing Symposium.  In addition to a technical presentation on the BCA Product Line,  Innovation Research Manager Marcello Vitale will present Milesi solutions for finishes with very high scratch resistance and for soft-touch finishes, increasingly requested by the interior designers worldwide.

Visit us at the WF show booth #6209