Milesi at AWFS

Milesi is proud to be showcasing it’s cutting edge and wide portfolio of advanced wood coatings technologies at the 2018 IWF show.

Milesi continues its technology leadership position in the North American wood coatings market by educating enriching and improving our industry through superior technology solutions which provides better performance then archaic legacy wood finishes. Nothing stays the same forever as change is constant and there is absolutely no doubt our industry’s wood finish needs and expectations are changing rapidly.

Due to overwhelming demand from both our customers and our industry for better choices in conventional wood finish technology,

Milesi Wood Coatings is proud to launch at IWF our first ever European engineered and produced pre-catalyzed line of products in both whites and clears. Milesi the wood finish technology leader has truly built a better mouse trap! Experience the Milesi revolution first hand at the IWF show. Our world-class R&D team has worked tireleslsy on this project to bring you the best Pre-cat on the market.

Milesi will also be making a game-changing announcement at the IWF show. We will introduce and unveil to the North American market and world a new wood coatings technology developed exclusively by our company. That’s right a technology that fits into no existing wood coatings category classifications. Can you even think of the last time that has happened? That is the essence of the Milesi leadership position and program in North America and worldwide Stay tuned for more details.

Visit us at the WF show booth #658