Milesi at AWFS 2019 Finishing Symposium

On July 16th 2019, Milesi researcher Marcello Vitale of Milesi will talk about Italian wood finish technologies, Block Chain Addition technology, soft touch coatings, and natural look coatings.

Among other technologies, Block Chain Addition is a true game changer in the  wood coatings industry.

BCA is an unprecedented category of wood coatings capable of concentrating – for the first time in a single technology – the finest characteristics of pre-catalyzed and post-catalyzed, polyurethane, acrylic and ureic finishes, boosting their performance and offering the market previously unthinkable functional properties.

Surpassing today’s maximum standards, BCA provides functional virtues that exceed all expectations in terms of surface hardness, resistance to abrasion, yellowing caused by light, and stains caused by liquids.

The product offers very fast drying times and long pot life, to ensure extremely easy use, without sacrificing great aesthetic results.

BCA is designed with a rigorously green approach, which  is a fundamental cornerstone of the  Milesi brand. The BCA products contain no aromatic compounds, isocyanates or formaldehyde, including by-products produced  during the use of these coatings. BCA is an important new achievement for IVM, the Italian model in the area of technologies for the sustainable production of wood coatings.